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Sampler #10 - 1 Million Paco Rabanne

1 Million - Paco Rabanne

Type of smell: Goes on sweet smelling like cotton candy at a local fair. Very sugary sweet. I suppose there is a floral or two in there, as well.

The Good - This is a pretty good product if you ask me. Never heard of it or Paco Rabanne. I could possibly stock this one up for whenever I'm in a sugary sweet mood, I guess.

The Bad - Being so sweet, it can be over-comed by scents around you. It doesn't stick out against other scents very well. Which might also be an insight on it's durability

Rating: 8/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Yes. I could see myself buying this one.

Sampler #9 Gucci Made for Measure

Gucci Made for Measure

Type of smell: A much more pleasant and less offensive smell to me than the Gucci Guilty I reviewed earlier.

The Good - I could wear this and not be bothered by it. It's durable.

The Bad - It is middle of the road. It smells just like everything else, really. It's just less pungent at first.

Rating: 6/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Not at all.

Sampler #8 Burberry BRIT Rhythm

Burberry BRIT Rhythm

Type of smell: One of the more pleasant scents directly from the first spray. Smells like honey with some soft florals. No soapy/disinfectant scent whatsoever.

The Good - A very nice scent from the word go. Never heard of this cologne but you can only imagine how nice it was after a series of scents with the same tone. I'll tell you, I really liked this.

The Bad - It's not the most durable. You will have to reapply.

Rating: 9/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Maybe. I don't know. I still love my main scents that i've been wearing for more than a decade. Can't say I'd replace either with this one.



Type of smell: It's a rough go at first. A combination of that old Hair Net your older sister used to put on in the late 80's.. you know.. the magenta can. lol And a disinfectant spray. But it mellows out quite nicely to have a very subtle melon-like scent.. which I think the very first Sampler I did had the same smell.

The Good - It mellows out and is very durable. It's quite a nice smell, too.

The Bad - It's extremely unpleasant when you first spray it out. It's also a cologne I've never heard of in my life.

Rating: 6/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Nope. A very forgettable fragrance.

Sampler #6 Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Type of smell: It's very Ralph Lauren. (I've worn Polo Black for a year or two, now) So it's familiar. Probably a little bolder.. hence Red.. which is bolder than black, I guess.

The Good - It is a familiar scent. So.. that's good.

The Bad - I like the Polo Black better. So.. unless the Black is discontinued and the Red is all they have.. I don't see me switching.

Rating: 8/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Nope.

Sampler #5 Acqua D Gio Giorgio Armani

Acqua D Gio - Giorgio Armani

Type of smell: Like an ocean breeze with summer flowers and gorgeous landscapes

The Good - This is one of the best fragrances/cologne I've ever encountered. The potency is perfection. It's extremely durable. The scent only gets mellower and evolves throughout the day. This is the real deal.

The Bad - Well, it's a bit of a long name. Hehe. It's also kind of frilly as far as the scent is concerned. I mean, it can be frilly if you use to much of it, I think. If you put the right amount on you will rock.. but this is a scent for the man that knows how to wear cologne. This is not a scent for beginners. If used properly, you have something that is going to be the BOMb-diggity. I would think this smell is for special occasions. It's not meant to be wore all the time

Rating: 9/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Very possibly. I mean, I can't decide right now with so many more samplers to go. But this will definitely be a product that I might have at the ready for like birthday party or something fancy. This is a premium fragrance. It's a good one to have to mix it up. But most likely not one I would want to wear every single day. One doesn't just wear the crowned jewels every day, does one?

Sampler #4 Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty

Type of smell: Simply described soapy with florals.

The Good - There is nothing good I want to say about this fragrance.

The Bad - So of course I have a lot of bad to say. First, it's just too much too soon. The soap and florals will take you over. Next, the scent does not last very long at all. Lastly, again, not in a sprayer. booo.

Rating: 1/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: No way. There are just way too many options at a more affordable level that give you this very generic experience. Gucci is definitely guilty for putting out such a bad product. But I'm sure it sells well, considering the name behind it.

Sampler #3 LACOSTE Noir


Type of smell: Like the John Varvatos it is a classic smell with a much fresher longer lasting quality. I'd say it has all the classic ingredients I put in the Sample #2 Blog (check that one out on the main page) with the addition to some tones from a body spray like Axe and some sweet melon-y smells.

The Good - Unlike John Varvatos, LACOSTE Noir is longer lasting. In fact, It is so durable it might be a high end fragrance that is targeted at an athletic client base. There is a lot to love about this scent. You can put it on in the morning and by the evening it's still there and evolves into a mellower, great scent. LACOSTE is a large company - a mega company, so it is good that they have such a reliable product.
The Bad - The sampler was not in a spray bottle which was worrisome at first. I think for some people, the scent is too close to or akin to a body spray like Axe. But longer lasting.

Rating: 8/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Again, probably Not - I think I can get this scent for a cheaper buy with a body or sports spray.. and I have plenty of those from Christmas. I certainly wouldn't be upset if this was the only cologne that I had access to, ever. Which says a lot. The reliability and durability is something to take note of. I think I'm looking for something else, though.

Sampler #2 John Varvatos

John Varvatos

Type of smell: Classic smell with lots of smaller elements adding up to the main event/smell. I got a little bit of floral from it at first, but not a lot. Classic blend of a Dove Soapy smell, a musk, floral, a bit of everything, really.

The Good - Came in a sprayer. HUGE PLUS. Immediately mellowed out. A smell I did enjoy while it lasted.
The Bad - Doesn't last very long. Not a durable cologne.

Rating: 7/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Probably Not - Looking for a smell like this that is just a little bit more durable. And it's a good smell for the average Joe.. but I want something a bit more bold.


One of my gifts for Christmas was a sampler of 8-10 high-end colognes. I want to write my experience down in a place I'll find them rather easily, which is here.
Today was my first day taking the sampler out. I chose to go in the order they're situated in the kit.
My first sampler is HUGO BOSS -BOSSBOX Night

Type of smell: very detergent, fabric softener, mountain air scent. No florals. Has a heavy air quality to it. Just very sanitary in smell. No citrus or antibacterial smell, though. Very much like clothes freshly washed.

The Good - The good is that it is a safe smell. It won't offend anyone, I don't think.
The Bad - The sampler was not in a spray bottle like others are.

Rating: 5/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: NO