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In pursuit of a healthy HDL!

3 months to get from 22 to 35 HDL

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I started this blog to stay connected with friends from school years and years ago. Livejournal was the go-to method for connecting with old friends, new friends, and people you discovered along the way through the interest features on the site.

Now, it is pretty much just a blog; however, I am excited by using it for something very important. I am going to use this journal to record my efforts to get a 'perfectscore' on my heath, or at least try to better it.
At the end of August in 2012, my doctor told me I was extremely unhealthy, dangerously unhealthy. My HDL (The Good Cholesterol) was very bad. A 22. The HDL is what regulates everything. You need it to be above a 35 to properly move all the wonderful agents in the bloodstream to all the places it has to go.
I asked my doctor how I could raise my good cholesterol. The Answer: aerobic exercise.
Now, let's discuss my username. I deleted two livejournals before this one. I didn't have a name for the new journal but I saw a commercial for a film called The Perfect Score - and I just used it. JUST USED what was the only thing I could think of so I could start my journal and re-add friends and re-connect.
It is a wonderful coincidence that I can use the username that came out of nothing to help document my hopeful improvement of my HDL. I have 3 months to raise it for my doctor. I told my doctor that I will be militant in this.