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Sampler #5 Acqua D Gio Giorgio Armani

Acqua D Gio - Giorgio Armani

Type of smell: Like an ocean breeze with summer flowers and gorgeous landscapes

The Good - This is one of the best fragrances/cologne I've ever encountered. The potency is perfection. It's extremely durable. The scent only gets mellower and evolves throughout the day. This is the real deal.

The Bad - Well, it's a bit of a long name. Hehe. It's also kind of frilly as far as the scent is concerned. I mean, it can be frilly if you use to much of it, I think. If you put the right amount on you will rock.. but this is a scent for the man that knows how to wear cologne. This is not a scent for beginners. If used properly, you have something that is going to be the BOMb-diggity. I would think this smell is for special occasions. It's not meant to be wore all the time

Rating: 9/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Very possibly. I mean, I can't decide right now with so many more samplers to go. But this will definitely be a product that I might have at the ready for like birthday party or something fancy. This is a premium fragrance. It's a good one to have to mix it up. But most likely not one I would want to wear every single day. One doesn't just wear the crowned jewels every day, does one?

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