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Sampler #3 LACOSTE Noir


Type of smell: Like the John Varvatos it is a classic smell with a much fresher longer lasting quality. I'd say it has all the classic ingredients I put in the Sample #2 Blog (check that one out on the main page) with the addition to some tones from a body spray like Axe and some sweet melon-y smells.

The Good - Unlike John Varvatos, LACOSTE Noir is longer lasting. In fact, It is so durable it might be a high end fragrance that is targeted at an athletic client base. There is a lot to love about this scent. You can put it on in the morning and by the evening it's still there and evolves into a mellower, great scent. LACOSTE is a large company - a mega company, so it is good that they have such a reliable product.
The Bad - The sampler was not in a spray bottle which was worrisome at first. I think for some people, the scent is too close to or akin to a body spray like Axe. But longer lasting.

Rating: 8/10

Will this be a fragrance I'll buy in bulk: Again, probably Not - I think I can get this scent for a cheaper buy with a body or sports spray.. and I have plenty of those from Christmas. I certainly wouldn't be upset if this was the only cologne that I had access to, ever. Which says a lot. The reliability and durability is something to take note of. I think I'm looking for something else, though.

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